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We are one of the premier shops for party supplies online and a one-stop destination for all your party needs. We are a family-run business that offers you a wide range of affordable items all in your price range. Right from kids’ parties to special events and celebrations, we have got you covered with everything. We offer you not only supplies but also agree to meet most of the needs of your special occasion.

What do we offer?

We are reputable online retailers of disposable catering and party supplies. We offer competitive prices than party supplies wholesalers with our party supplies warehouses located all over the country. We have created a dynamic online platform to suit all your party needs. We have a team with many years of experience in the catering and wholesale trade who will be happy to help you with any personalized requests at your convenience. We have created a reputation as one of the best and most efficient disposable catering suppliers in the industry. Our focus is mainly on providing the best quality, prices, and designs and providing our customers with the latest trends. We always believe in satisfying our customers’ needs.

What events do we cater to?

We supply all your party essentials for any type of event right from disposable plates, napkins, cups, cutlery, and table covers to a full range of dishes. There is no minimum order limit that we have so we can cater to all of your needs, right from a small children’s party to a large wedding celebration. We not only include party supplies for affairs such as birthdays, but also corporate get-togethers or receptions. We have different decorations and supplies available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversaries, baby showers, and bachelorette nights, the list is never-ending. You want it, we got it!  Our niche ranges from weddings to theme parties to specialized personalized occasions.

What products do we have?

We are party supplies wholesalers who offer you a variety of necessary items required to organize your party. We have disposable catering supplies, disposable foil products, disposable food containers, disposable party bakeware, disposable party plates, disposable party bowls, disposable party cups, disposable party essentials, disposable party platters, disposable party table covers, disposable plates and bowls, foil serving platters, plastic serving bowls, plastic serving platters, party plates and napkins, party serving platters, and many more disposable party products. We also have a good deal on other party supplies.

Where can you order from us?

Connect with us on our website and place an order with us. We also provide next-day delivery for those unplanned celebrations. We have a chosen method of secure online payment with leading payment processors for faster and safer payments. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, or JCB and use WorldPay for our transactions. You can order from anywhere with the click of a button.

How do we help our environment?

We also cater especially to eco-friendly customers with our range of eco-friendly goods. We stock biodegradable products such as cocktail sticks, party skewers, wooden cutlery, paper plates, PLA plates, and lots more. We believe in taking care of our environment too and therefore consciously branched out in this direction.

We look forward to making you our loyal customers for life. Contact us with any party needs. We have solutions for all of them.

Party Plates and Napkins | Party Supplies Online Wholesalers!

When you’re organizing a party for a large group of people, the first thing you worry about is the food that you’ll serve your guests. Because let’s face it, a party without amazing food isn’t a party! After you think about all the food, you will either make it yourself or hire a caterer. The next thing you think about is other party supplies like disposable food containers, disposable party plates, and plastic serving bowls to serve your food in. The best thing you can do to solve all your party arrangement problems is to go to a party supplies wholesaler or buy party supplies online. This way you will get more options and buy supplies at cheaper rates. read more...

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Keeping in mind the ongoing COVID pandemic, people will be coming out of their homes less often than before. This means lesser crowds at malls, shopping centers, theatres, and even restaurants. Drive-throughs and takeaways are going to be the new normal for any restaurant and hotel business and it’s only smart to stay prepared for it. Your customers will need reliable and sustainable food packaging to maintain temperatures, prevent leaks, and keep food sanitary. By investing in disposable food containers, you can even diversify your menu! read more...

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On average, you share your birthday with around 20 million people in the world. But, there are definitely more occasions that you celebrate other than your birthday. With the increasing demand for celebrations around the world, there is also an increase in the demand for party supplies. Which occasions require party supplies? It could be a baby shower, a wedding shower, an engagement party, a graduation party, an anniversary party, gender reveal, a hen night; the list goes on and on. read more...

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There are many beautiful varieties of themed party products you will find in our online party supply warehouse store. We are Dunstable-based party supplies wholesaler & party supplies warehouse. When planning an event or a party, there are a lot of facets involved, like making the guest list, picking a theme, and most importantly taking care of the decorations and the party supplies. Seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? read more...

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Celebrations are special to almost everyone. Special occasions bring joy, moments of merriment and togetherness with friends and loved ones. But failing to plan one could sometimes end up in disaster. Thanks to online shopping, it’s all easy and at your fingertips. The age of online shopping has evolved frantically in the past decade. Remember the long waits at grocery stores, utility offices and exhausting the weekend running from one store to another? Today, it’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t sell online. From groceries to everyday essentials, toys and even party supplies have evolved and showcase online presence. read more...

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We're very proud of our wholesale catering supplies website, to provides easy access to our product database and to order securely online. We supply to catering supply wholesalers, disposable wholesalers, wholesalers, shopkeepers, restaurants, party planners, cafes, market traders, online sellers, traders, newsagents, retailers & more... Food safety is one of the utmost priorities for any restaurant or takeaway place. How do they ensure the highest standards of cleanliness? They can do this by using disposable food containers. There are many disposable catering suppliers who specifically deal with disposable items which could easily be bought. read more...

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Party supply warehouses are businesses that deal directly with wholesales of party supplies and are a sizable discounted marketplace of celebratory goods purchases. Party supplies warehouses and online party supplies are one of the most searched items, among other household items looked up on the search engines. These party supply warehouses offer a wide range of tableware, party disposables, disposable cutlery, plastic serving bowls, party décor, party props, games, and party accessories available online. read more...